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Other Downloads

Here you can download some of the extra utilities that I've written over the years for various things. Each of these was written in C# on a Windows PC so you'll need either the appropriate version of .Net or a .Net API if you're on a Mac.

The Settings Profiler utility allows multiple setting configurations on the same PC. This is useful if you have multiple people using the same computer and each wants to use a different MCCC configuration.

The DP STBL Utility is a translation tool I wrote to hopefully make it simpler for translators to add their languages for mods as needed. I have quite a few translators that use this, personally, and I use it myself every release. It's how I add new strings for MCCC as well as create the default place-holders for all the other languages from the new strings I added.

There are more details on each of these in their respective sections.

Find the extra utilities here