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Settings Profiler

This program will allow definition of a profile and will link that profile with a mc_settings.cfg file. This will allow multiple users to play Sims 4 on the same computer using different MC Command Center configurations.

When a profile is selected and the game is launched, it will place that specific profile’s settings file into the MC Command Center mod folder and it will be used from that point forward in the game until another profile is selected and the game is launched with the new profile. This means that once the game is launched with a specific profile, you can close MC Settings Profiler and the settings will continue to be used. You only have to relaunch MC Settings Profiler when you need to change to a different profile.

folder on pc with file named 'ts4_x64.exe' highlighted

Initial Setup

When first launching MC Settings Profiler, the first thing that must be done is to configure where the MC Command Center mod is located on the current computer. This is done by clicking the “>>” button next to the “MC Command Center Mod Folder” field. After navigating to the correct folder and clicking the OK button, the mod folder location will be displayed in the line to the left of the “>>” button.

Next, the Sims 4 Exe must be defined. The “>>” button must be clicked again for this step, and the TS4 EXE file desired to run for the specific computer should be found and selected. Note that either the 32-bit (TS4.exe) or 64-bit (TS4_x64.exe) version of the TS4 EXE may be selected. When the launch button is clicked, the selected EXE file will be executed using the specific profile’s setting file.

Profile Setup

When first running MC Settings Profiler, there will be no profiles defined. The drop-down next to “Choose a Profile” will be disabled. This will change when having one or more profile created and will allow choosing between the different profiles. Whichever profile is selected from the drop-down when the Launch button is clicked will determine which settings file becomes the mc_settings.cfg file for the game.

Add New Profile

Clicking this button will allow a new profile to be created. Whatever settings are currently in mc_settings.cfg will become this profile’s settings. A file will be created for this profile in the MCCC mod folder. The name will be similar to “mcpr_xxxxxx_settings.json” where “xxxxxx” is the profile name (with any spaces converted to underscores). Json files are really text files in a specific format. The mc_settings.cfg file is actually a Json file as well. It just has an extension of “cfg” instead of “json”.

Edit Profile

Clicking this button allows changing the name of a profile. The old mcpr_xxxxxx_settings.json file will be renamed to whatever the new profile name is.

Refresh Profile

Clicking this button will take whatever is in the current mc_settings.cfg and save it for the selected profile.
This is the process for updating settings based on changes in game. If settings are changed from the computer on a Sim lot in-game, those are currently saved in the mc_settings.cfg and not in the profile. So to ensure that they make it into the profile as well, “Refresh Profile” should be run before switching to a different profile as the existing changes in mc_settings.cfg will be lost when a new profile is selected.

Delete Profile

Clicking this button will delete the currently selected profile and the “mcpr_xxxxxx_settings.json" that is associated with it.