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Game Compatibility

This has been tested to be working with (but does not require) GTW, OR, Get Together, Dine Out, City Life, Vampires, Parenthood, Cats & Dogs, Jungle Adventures, Seasons, Get Famous, Strangeville, Island Living, Realm of Magic, Discover University, Eco Living, Journey to Batuu, Snowy Escape, Cottage Living, Werewolves, High School Years, Growing Together, Horse Ranch, For Rent, and the patch released June 6, 2024 - PC: / Mac: It will also work with anything after that Sims 4 update unless otherwise specified on Tumblr/Patreon posts I make after the update. Earlier Sims 4 versions may not be compatible so we often do not support anything below the specified version here!

Identifying Types of Errors

Screenshot of last exception error popup in game

It is important to identify the types of errors the game is generating to decide what to do about it. If the error is a Last Exception, a notification like the below will be shown by MCCC in the game. There are more details about Last Exception errors in the "Last Exception Tips" section on this page.

Screenshot of last exception error popup in game

If the error is an error logged to the mc_cmd_center.log file, a notification like the below will be shown by MCCC in the game. This type of error is most often also a Last Exception error. Sometimes those are caught within MCCC's code so it logs them to its log file. However, sometimes these are also caused by bugs in my own code and uploading the file to me on our Discord server to verify which is the case is always a safe thing to do.

Last Exception Tips:

Troubleshooting Tips

Known Mod Conflicts (If you use these, you will definitely have problems so don’t be surprised!!):

  1. Autosave for Sims 4 by sachamagne
  2. Neia’s “No More Same Sims Everywhere”
  3. TwistedMexi’s Always Testingcheats mod, but I’m not sure if it works even on its own or not.
  4. ArtURLWWW’s Pregnancy Mega Mod conflicts with MCCC. They are two mods that do the same thing so there will be conflicts. Everything in PMM is already available in MCCC so an additional mod is not needed. Trying to use both will result in MCCC not working.
  5. The “Sticky Clothes” Mod conflicts with my mod as I also have that functionality built-in to MC Command Center automatically.
  6. Cowplant Tweaks from kylebeans doesn’t seem to be supported any longer and can cause issues when in use.
  7. “Woohoo is Exercise” by Candyd is known to conflict with MC Woohoo.
  8. The InTeen mod hasn’t been updated or supported since 2014, I think it was, so it definitely will cause problems all on its own…much less when combined with anything else!

After checking those things, I can help analyze further, but there are basic steps you can take to make it easier to figure-out what is wrong.

We have a Discord server with multiple people available for helping with troubleshooting if you have gone through all points mentioned above, you can go to the Discord server for further support, here.