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MC Woohoo

This module allows various common Woohoo options to be available as settings. These will modify the various interactions available in the game. Note that this doesn't add new animations. It also doesn't add nude Sim textures. Those must be obtained elsewhere, but MC Woohoo will support them with multiple settings.

Note that the following options in MC Pregnancy and Marriage will only be available if MC Woohoo is deployed

Some of the options I am currently supporting through settings

Rules that determine whether pregnancy can happen between Sims for Risky Woohoo or Try for Baby

Description of Woohoo Skill

Lot Traits and Bonuses

Special Considerations when using MC Woohoo

When most settings are changed, they will require a game restart in order to change the in-game interactions. Changing the settings that require a restart from the computer in-game will give an “ORANGE” warning message instead of the regular “BLUE” notification. Also, the message will indicate that the game needs to be restarted for folks with color-visibility limitations.

I do not provide non-mosaic functionality built-in to this mod, or nude skins. Those will have to be obtained from other sources!!

If you have nudity enabled for Woohoo, if there is a baby in the vicinity of the Woohoo interaction, the Sims will abort the Woohoo. This is core functionality within the game causing this to happen. You don’t see it without my mod because Sims don’t Woohoo nude without my mod. The easiest fix for this is to just move the baby bassinet to a room further away. The radius for the baby is fairly good sized.

Nude Woohoo in the Hot Tub disables the basic “Get In” interaction on Hot Tubs. When Nudity was enabled for woohooing in the Hot Tub, the “Get In” interaction disappeared and I’ve not considered it a high priority to spend a great deal of time in researching what is making it happen. It seems easy enough for users to just choose if they will be using Hot Tubs for basic functionality or for Woohooing.

MC Woohoo has settings that appear in the computer MC Command Center menus. It only has settings, no commands. As such, there is NO MC Woohoo menu in the Sim MC Command Center menu, as that is only for commands.

I’ve said this several times…I’ll say it again. MC Woohoo and MC Command Center have to have matching versions or things will most likely not work right!

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