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MC Pregnancy

The MC Pregnancy module contains functionality specifically oriented to enabling other Sim households within the neighborhoods to have children and get married.

The random pregnancy/marriage checks run at midnight. They run on different days depending on the game speed. The faster the game, the more often they run to allow more pregnancy/marriage chances before the Sims get too old to have children or get married. If a game is on No Aging, the check runs once a week and Sims will have a totally random chance to have the children and get married instead of it being based on the amount of time they have until age-up.

Note that there are some settings that are only available if MC Woohoo is deployed, including settings to include Teens in pregnancy and marriage and family enforcement

Long Age time = Day 2 (Tuesday), Day 6 (Saturday)

Normal Age time = Day 1 (Monday), Day 3 (Wednesday), Day 5 (Friday)

Short Age time = Day 0 (Sunday), Day 1 (Monday), Day 3 (Wednesday), Day 4 (Thursday)

No Age time = Day 6 (Saturday)

Rules that determine whether pregnancy can happen for a target Sim when random pregnancy checks occur

Rules to choose a partner Sim for impregnation:

Rules to determine who moves in where after pregnancy happens and Sims are married

Note that the moving only happens if a random roll against Pregnancy_AutoMarryPercentage succeeds.

  1. If one household is ancestral and the other Sim is a vampire, they will not get married and move-in together.
  2. Lowest value household tries to move-in with higher value if there is room. Otherwise, they try for lower value.
  3. If there are no children in the moving household, the move happens fine.
  4. If there are children and no other adults, the children have to be moved as well to prevent orphaning. If this can’t happen, the move/marriage doesn’t happen.
  5. If there are children and other adults, the children are not moved unless Pregnancy_MoveFamilies is true and the children are the offspring of the moving Sim (Definition of children Sims are any Sims that the game framework doesn’t allow to live in a household alone so babies, toddlers and child Sims).

What percentages are used to determine offspring count for the various maximum offspring settings

Note that EA uses these percentages and then applies any modifiers based on traits/lot traits/whatever and then returns the number of offspring and genders to MCCC. MCCC only sets the actual number when the user specifies them on the offspring dialog. Otherwise, it is all random number generation and modifiers on EA's side.

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