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MC Population

The MC Population module contains functionality related to creating new homeless Sims or moving out elders.

The homeless population happens by replacing the Sim(s) that Sims 4 is requesting with Sim(s) specific to the settings. From my personal testing, 99% of the time, this is a single Sim. This is due to Sims 4 requesting a jogger…or a walker…or a mailman…it’s kind of insane really. How many jogger/walker/mailmen do you need?! I just intercept the request from Sims 4 for whatever and replace the request with our own Sim request.

This functionality runs automatically, so there are no command-line actions for mc_population but below are the settings.

Ancestral Home Details

Unlike Sims 3 where home lots could be marked as “Ancestral”, in the Sims 4 there isn’t a way to “flag” a home lot. So, instead, I am flagging the household that lives in the lot and the household retains the ancestral nature rather than the home itself.

Flagging for Ancestral Households are not available for all Sims. Due to the fact that its purpose is to prevent Sims from autonomously marrying/moving-out/changing household names, it doesn’t make sense that it would apply to Active Sims, for example. Also, if the Sims don’t live on a lot, there is no reason to flag them as an Ancestral Household due to having no lot to be Ancestral.

Here’s some of the effects Ancestral Households have with the other modules.

Basically, what I was trying to do here was allow you to take a family, like the “Goths”, flag their household as ancestral and there would be Goths as long as possible in the game. The only way there wouldn’t be any in the future is, if at some point, they manage to not get married/pregnant and everyone dies out. From my personal experience, there’s usually two siblings and their families living in the ancestral houses so I think that will be a lot less likely.

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