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MC Control

The MC Control module contains functionality that allows an NPC Sim to be given interactions to perform with another Sim on the lot.

There are no settings for MC Control, only commands, and those commands are just Interactions that can be performed between two Sims. They change depending on the circumstances so there is no reason to document any of that here. Here are some Notes about the MC Control interaction list available on a Sim:

  1. NPC Sims don't have all of the interactions available to them that active Sims have so don't expect to see everything you would see for an active Sim. Things like "Ask about Career" and things that help active Sims get to know NPC's, EA filters out for NPC's altogether.
  2. NPC Sims may decide it's time to leave and ignore commands. The EA core code can push a "leave now" command to NPC's and if that happens, they leave.
  3. Some interactions may show-up but may just do nothing. Some interactions may cause Last Exceptions. Some interactions may cause the game to lock-up (these are usually interactions that are trying to make the NPC Sim leave the lot with another NPC Sim. That won't work!) Some interactions have internal code that make them not valid for NPC's. There's nothing on these that I can check at a high level to keep them from showing-up. I have tried to bypass the ones that I have been able to find so they don't show-up, but there are a lot of interactions out there and no way for me to test them all.
  4. Interactions added by custom mods will not show-up for NPC's. There's no way for me to determine if these interactions are valid, whether they will cause serious issues if I allow them, or if they just won't work. So all are just bypassed. Custom Mods can make their own interactions for NPC's to interact with one another, like WW does with its interactions.

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