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MC Command Center

The MC Command Center module is necessary to link all the other modules together. It is required regardless of what combination of other modules are desired.

In addition, it contains several settings and command-line actions (which can be run from the sims command-line control-shift-C within a sim lot).

All settings for MC Command Center and its modules are located in the “MC Command Center” menu found on computers in-game, or by typing “mc_settings” at the console. All commands that are added by MC Command Center are found by clicking on Sims and going into the “MC Command Center” menu (also available through the “mccc” console command described below) or on mailboxes for “MC Cheats” (also available through the “mc_cheats” console command described below).

Command-line Arguments Description Example
mc_help This command displays a listing of the command-line actions available for McCmdCenter as well as any that may be available from optional modules that are deployed. mc_help
get_pop [population_type1 population_type2…] Displays the total number of Sims in the console. Additional details are available through the log file using the optional population_type arguments, which can be delimited by a space for multiple choices. Valid flags are: “b”-Basic output, only the summary details will be printed in the log file (if this is set, everything else is ignored), “h”-Includes names of hidden Sims in the log output, “p”-Includes names of pregnant Sims in the log output, “a”-Includes names of alien Sims in the log output, “m”-Includes names of married Sims in the log output, “f”-Include marks and flags in the log output, “c”-List Sim careers, “s”-Includes names of Single Sims in the log output, “cl”-shows club membership for Sims, “g”-shows ghost Sims, “ho”-show home or homeless for each Sim, “v”-shows vampire Sims, “lot”-limits results to only Sims on the current lot, “cull”-shows culled Sims, “all”-includes all of the previous flags in one flag get_pop h p a
flag_sim first_name last_name flag_type Brings-up the dialog for setting flags on the specified Sim. flag_sim John Smith
flag_clear first_name last_name Brings-up the dialog for clearing specific or all flags on the specified Sim. flag_clear John Smith
mark_sim first_name last_name mark_type Adds the mark_type to the specified Sim. mark_type can be “P” - Pregnancy, “M” - Marriage, “H” - Move-In mark_sim jane doe M
unmark_sim first_name last_name [mark_type] Removes the mark_type from the specified Sim. mark_type is optional. It can be “P” - Pregnancy, “M” - Marriage, “H” - Move-In. If left blank, all marks will be removed from the Sim. unmark_sim John Smith M
kill_sim first_name last_name Brings-up a UI allowing selection of death-type and will kill the specified Sim in the specified manner. kill_sim john smith
rel_set pFirst_name pLast_name sFirst_name sLast_name Allows creating a relationships between two Sims. pFirst and pLast name are the primary Sim and SFirst and SLast name specify the secondary Sim. A UI dialog will pop-up allowing which relationship to define between the two Sims. rel_set John Smith Jane Doe
forget_active first_name last_name Brings-up a UI allowing selection of how much of the active Sim the specified Sim should forget. forget_active john smith
mccc first_name last_name Opens the MC Command Center Sim Menu for the specified Sim. Several benefits including running it on Sims that aren’t clickable (ghosts in Relationship Panel), Sims that aren’t on the current lot or known by the active Sims, and also giving access to the dialog to users playing with Sim Menus turned-off. mccc john smith
mc_settings Opens the MC Command Center Computer Menu for configuring settings. This can be run anywhere so no computer has to be on the current lot to configure settings, and it also gives access to the dialog to users playing with Computer Menus turned-off. mc_settings
sim_move first_name last_name Entering the sim_move console command will open the Move Sim dialog to choose the destination for the specified Sim (Active, Other, New) sim_move john smith
mc_cheats Opens the mailbox MC Cheats dialog. This allows access to the cheats from that dialog even if there is no mailbox on the current lot or if mailbox menus are turned off. mc_cheats

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