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MC Cheats

The cheats module contains various cheat-commands to execute on a Sim or all Sims in the world. It will activate a new menu on the Sim MCCC menu and on the mailbox. There are no settings for MC Cheats, only commands.

Details about various MC Cheats commands

Cheats in MC Cheats for Careers include:

  1. Change Vacation Days
  2. Reset Career Branch
  3. Career Promote
  4. Career Demote

Change Sim Mood Details

Under MC Cheats in the Sim menus there is an option for “Change Sim Mood”. This functions a bit like the cheat codes. Some notes:

  1. When a mood is applied to a Sim, they are given a hidden Buff.
  2. Some buffs stack so will not directly change your overall mood to something else. Happiness for example. If you have some other positive mood going on and you throw on happiness, it combines with the current mood rather than replaces it.
  3. If your Sim has the traits so they cannot become embarrassed or tense, then the options for them will not be available to do so from the cheat menu.
  4. Be careful! These cheats put the Sims at the highest levels for these buffs so you have to be careful or you’ll have Sims dropping dead from laughter and such!! The moods last 2 hours after activated.

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