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Automation Scan

Based on the SCAM mod by Scumbumbo, the purpose of Automation Scanning is to allow the player to choose to disable certain interactions for Sims in their game. MC Tuner is required for this functionality.

This page has a lot of information, so feel free to jump to the parts you need

How To Use Currently Running Interactions & Searches Some Notes Annoying Actions Pre-Autonomy Scan Final Thoughts

How To Use

photo of the MC Tuner Menu with Enable Autonomy Scan highlighted

To disable autonomous interactions, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Click on a Sim, go into the MC Command Center > MC Tuner menu and choose “Enable Autonomy Scan”. This turns on the menu option for objects to scan for autonomy. It only affects the appearance of the menu. It does not affect whether interactions that have been selected previously are disabled or not. It enables the menus only for the selected Sim. If another Sim is activated or if another household is activated, or if the Sim moves to another lot, the menu will need to be reactivated.

Clicking on a sink in the Sims has opened the Autonomy Scan Option
  1. Click on the object in the world that is associated with the autonomous interaction that should be disabled. The menu will contain an option for “Autonomy Scan”. Selecting that option will show a dialog with all known interactions for that object that may be performed autonomously.

Note that not all of these will be used by Sims. Some are triggered by other EA processes.

The object scan in Text Mode
  1. The interaction dialog will show interactions that are currently set to allow autonomy enclosed in “[]” brackets. Interactions that are currently set to not allow autonomy will have no brackets around them. The “** Display Text/Name **” button will toggle the display shown in the interaction buttons from showing the text you’ll see in the game when the interaction is running to the name of the interaction class file in the game tuning files. Sometimes it is helpful to switch between these if you have several interactions with the same in-game text (like “Wash Dishes” in the example below).
The object scan in Name Mode

This shows the same options but in “Name” mode instead of text. The differences between the different “Wash Dishes” is easier to see that way.

Some Sims have traits that push autonomous interactions to happen to the Sim. An example of this is toddlers and children have traits that push “Make a Mess” as an autonomous interaction. When MC Tuner is opened for these Sims, an additional menu option will be available in the MC Tuner menu, “Trait Autonomy Scan”:

MC Tuner menu with Restore Autonomy highlighted
  1. Clicking the buttons to disable autonomy for the interaction will have an immediate affect. The interaction will be saved to the mc_tuner.cfg file so reloading the game in the future will load choices made previously. In the current game, the interaction will also become disabled for autonomy without restarting the game.

Clicking this button will open an interaction menu like the screenshots above for “Autonomy Scan”. It behaves the same way with choosing interactions to disable or enable autonomous interactions.

The scan menus can be hidden again on objects and currently running scans by Disabling Automation Scan in the Sims MC Tuner menu:

Currently Running Interaction Scanning and Searches

As of MCCC 5.0.0, the SCAM 4.0 functionality has also been included in Autonomy Scan. This allows scanning Currently Running interactions as well as searching Running and Autonomous interaction. This feature is enabled once the "Enable Autonomy Scan" menu option is enabled in the same manner as the other scan functionality. After enabling autonomy scanning, when the ground is clicked on, a new menu option for "Autonomy Commands" is available:

menu showing autonomy scan

Clicking this menu option will display a dialog with several different commands:

The Autonomy Commands menu

Clicking the Currently Running Scan menu option will open a new dialog showing all of the current running interactions on all Sims on the lot. This allows disabling an interaction immediately when a Sim is observed performing the interaction. The dialog is similar to object scanning and also displays either the Text or Name for interactions currently running:

Currently running scan menu

This is great and all, but say you weren't quick enough to catch some interactions that are running elsewhere. Well, the answer to that is enabling the "Archive Autonomous Actions" setting. This is done within MC Tuner settings on the Computer MCCC menu. In addition to enabling the archiving, the number of interactions may be set to more or less than the default of 50. Archiving is disabled by default since I'm not sure if it would impact performance or not so I prefer to leave it disabled by default unless people want to use it specifically. Once it is enabled, though, the archived interactions show-up in the same dialog as the "Currently Running" interactions.

search all running interactions menu

Clicking the Search All Running Interactions menu option will allow entering one or more words to search through the names (not the display text) of all running interactions. This will also include archived running interactions if that functionality is enabled. Search terms are not case-specific and if multiple are entered, they must all be matched on the interaction name for a result to be returned. Leaving the search text blank will result in all running interactions showing and is the same as just clicking the Currently Running Scan.

Menu showing the result from the search

Results found from the search will show-up in the same manner as the standard Currently Running Interaction dialog, but only limited to the search terms.

Autonomous Interactions Search menu

Clicking the Search All Autonomous Interactions menu option will allow entering one or more words to search through the names (not the display text) of all autonomous interactions. This could be a long list. There are thousands of interactions within the Sims 4 and this option will go through all of them searching for the specified word(s) within any that are marked as autonomous. Search terms are not case-specific and if multiple are entered, they must all be matched on the interaction name for a result to be returned. Leaving it blank will show all autonomous interactions currently loaded into the Sims 4 but it will be a very long list and take a very long time to go through and find things, so it is not recommended. As a point of reference, there are more than 400 pages of autonomous interactions at this time.

Restore Autonomy menu in MC Tuner

Since there are multiple places that interactions can be disabled in Autonomy Scan, I have added a new "Restore Autonomy" menu on the Sim MC Tuner menu. Clicking this menu option will show all interactions that have been disabled regardless of where they were disabled from in the MCCC UI:

Clicking any interaction within this dialog will re-enable autonomous behavior for that interaction. This can be helpful if something is disabled that breaks something in the game.

Some Notes:

Annoying Actions Pre-Autonomy Scan:

At this link,, is zipped file containing a sample mc_tuner.cfg with all of the original annoying action ID’s listed below included within it. As an option, the player can download this and then just remove the sections they don’t want to block and add any other from the in-game UI that are needed. Note that when MC Tuner loads this file into the game and makes any changes, the remarks/sections will be removed and the clean file with only the interactions in it will remain.

Another option is to use the list below, which lists all of the interactions that were previously blocked by the different annoying actions settings. This will allow copy/pasting the ones for previous settings I had implemented if they don’t want to add them in the game UI. As always with copy/pasting into config files, I would recommend backing-up first.





“Bubble Blower”



“Get Drink”


“Mold Clay”


“Play Dolls”

“Practice Singing”


“Swimming Pool”




“View Fish”

“Wash Hands”



Final thoughts:

if anyone finds interactions that should definitely NEVER be allowed to be disabled, let me know and I’ll try to add filters to prevent it from showing-up in the dialogs so it won’t break anyone’s game.