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Additional Credits

Special thanks for this mod goes to the following (and probably others that I’m forgetting!)

Twallan - For Master Controller! Much of my Sims 3 enjoyment was thanks to his work on this mod and many of my ideas for this mod come directly from things I was missing due to his work. He is missed!

Sarah from Sandager Design - For redesigning the website.

Scumbumbo from ModTheSims - He helped me out a lot getting started. Some of his mods were excellent fits within MCCC, like SCAM, which he gave me permission to use his idea for inclusion in MCCC. Also, his tools like XML Extractor are invaluable! :)

Thanks to Maybecats and Scumbumbo for the ideas on doing a choice dialog with buttons, which are used for my UI menus!

Kuree for S4PE. Great tool that I use for packaging all my resources.

JetBrains for PyCharm - because I would’ve killed myself trying to use Notepad++ at this point.

Egwarhammer and Sabreene for helping with the MTS forum, back when we used it, but even more so with the official EA forums. They took it on themselves to try to help answer questions about my mod over there. Very much appreciated!

Tatiana for helping out on the SimsCommunity forum! All of you covering for me on other forums helps a ton!

Thanks to Azoresman for help with tuning-file issues and clarifications that have improved several features I’ve implemented!

Thanks to MeteoricDragon for getting the ball rolling on the DP icon for the radial menus!

Thanks to EG and Bonxie who did a lot of the work in getting the UI Menu Paths for each of the settings defined for the appropriate sections here!

Thanks to Gusti for helping me get those Discord channels set-up so people can come there with questions!

Thanks to OnyxAngel for creating a YouTube video for installing the mod, shown on the Help/Installation documentation page!

Thanks to KlingonDragon for creating the Troubleshooting wizard!

Thanks to Henricus for the suggestions on babies from teen parents keeping their genetics. Thanks to his analysis, I added functionality in MCCC to pass teen parent genetics to their babies as well.

Thanks to Andrew from our Discord server, who helped me figure-out how to parse through saved households in the tray folder for importing into MCCC!

Thanks to all of the support staff on Discord for answering questions and just generally helping out all around. :)